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Yorkshire Puppies

Yorkies Yorkies Yorkies offer stud services and viewing of adorable tea-cup Yorkshire puppies.

Meet The Dogs
Wonderful puppies come from awesome dogs. All of the dogs we offer for stud services have champion bloodlines and are the sweetest dogs around. We have 9 sires with champion bloodlines. Majority of our studs produce wee cups --- any dog under 3.5lbs full grown.

  In the Spotlight, Yorkies Yorkies Yorkies
This section features candid photos of my dogs having fun or finding new homes.

For me, raising puppies is not a job but a passion. I love seeing them grow up and miss everyone.

2009 Happy Mothers, Yorkies Yorkies Yorkies 2009 Happy Mothers, Yorkies Yorkies Yorkies
Puppies From Our Studs
Puppy Care
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Spring 2015 ~ My Dogs
Marabella, Yorkies Yorkies Yorkies

• Gabrielle is a 3lb stud with a loving personality.
• Sebastin is a  5lb yorkie who loves romance.
• Valentino is a 3lb yorkie. He's a gentle, fun-loving pup that
    loves hugs and kisses.
• Julius
• Alexander
• Franko
• Bellino
• Alanzo
• Giovanni

My Puppy Experience
We have been offering Yorkshire stud services for over 20 years, and we have picked up many care tips on how to avoid illnesses like hypoglycemia in puppies.

Please call for any and all information, contact us at (877) 637-0330.

Yorkshire Stud  AI Services Available